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HRC Secures Clarification in the Globe and Mail

by Mike Fegelman

Carolynnewheeler In Friday’s edition of the Globe and Mail, freelance reporter Carolynne Wheeler (pictured) incorrectly described "Ramallah, Palestine" in a report on the closure of Hamas "charities" by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in his bid to weaken the terrorist group.

However, As the Palestinians have not been granted statehood, to reference the Palestinian territories or the Palestinian Authority as "Palestine" is essentially erroneous. In the interests of journalistic neutrality, Globe reporters have the responsibility to state the facts as neutrally as possible and leave out the value judgment, so as to not cast the news in a certain light.

Saturday’s edition of the Globe set the record straight with this clarification after HonestReporting Canada brought this error to the attention of Globe editors:

"Ramallah is in the West Bank in the Palestinian territories. Due to an editing error, its location was inaccurately described in a story published Thursday.?



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