HRC Secures Another Correction on CBC Online

July 26, 2007

One day after CBC Online issued a correction for erroneously claiming that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with Hamas’s Khaled Meshaal in April, another correction was issued in response to another HRC complaint.

In a report on the historic visit of Arab League delegates to Israel, CBC Online incorrectly claimed:

"The foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan, the first delegation the 22-member group has sent to the Jewish state, formally presented the Arab League’s proposal for peace between Israel and PALESTINE."

As the Palestinians have not been granted statehood, to reference the Palestinian territories or the Palestinian Authority as "Palestine" is essentially erroneous. In the interests of journalistic neutrality, staff writers at CBC Online have the responsibility to state the facts as neutrally as possible and leave out the value judgment, so as to not cast the news in a certain light.

CBC amended the original report and issued the following correction:



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