HRC Refutes Globe & Mail Assertions: Hamas are Terrorists not Moderates

April 5, 2013

In a prominent front-page article appearing in yesterday’s edition of the Globe and Mail, Mideast Bureau Chief Patrick Martin wrongly claimed that Hamas is “willing to live in peace beside Israel.”

In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Hamas and its leader Khaled Meshaal have not evolved into “moderates”. Just two months ago in fact, Hamas reiterated its fervent opposition to the two-state solution. Its leadership says Hamas “… will never agree to giving the Zionist state one inch of the land of Palestine” and that it’s committed to “liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.”

According to Mr. Martin, some people (whom he left unnamed) view Hamas chief Meshaal as a “moderate”. Of course, moderate is traditionally defined as not  violent or extreme; whereas the term “hardline” is defined as firm, uncompromising, inflexible, not willing to make concessions. In the past, Mr. Martin has claimed that Meshaal was a “relative moderate”. Yet this group endorses violence, continues to smuggle deadly weapons/rockets to its arms depots, calls for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of Jews, and indoctrinates their children towards “martyrdom”. Khaled Meshall the “moderate”….relative to whom? 

Thus, despite this reporter’s suggestions, Israel in no way “respects” this ruthless leader of this banned terrorist organization.

Let us not forget, Hamas praises death instead of celebrating life. Hamas’ words and deeds should be the yardstick that measures if this group has repudiated violence and become truly “moderate.” 

Read HonestReporting Canada’s letter to the editor published in the Globe and Mail today which explains how the traditional definition of Hamas as a ruthless terrorist organization remains unchanged:


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