HRC Rebuts Hamilton Spectator Letter Writer Who Made False Moral Equivalency Between Israel & Palestinian Violence

In a recent March 4 letter to the editor in the Hamilton Spectator, Harry Shannon attempted to make a moral equivalence between Palestinian violence and Israeli attempts to combat said violence. Even in the extremely rare cases of Israeli civilian violence against Palestinians, Israel – as a country based on the rule of law – arrested the criminals.

Contrast this approach with a recent shooting attack in January, which killed 7 in Israel and which was met with cheers and fireworks in many Palestinian towns.

On March 10, our Assistant Director, Robert Walker, was granted space in the Spectator to rebut these false allegations.

No moral equivalence

Regarding ‘Simplistic propaganda’ (March 4), there author draws a moral equivalence between violence between Israelis and Palestinians, when in the vast majority of cases, there simply isn’t.

Acts of terrorism against Israelis are often met with cheers, fireworks and the handing out of candies in Palestinian cities. This is hardly surprising, since the Palestinian leadership has indoctrinated their people for decades with antisemitic hate.

Conversely, when an innocent Palestinian is killed in conflict, it is often due to the horrific practice of Palestinian terrorists basing their operations inside densely populated areas, cynically goading Israel into a no-win situation.

In the recent case of a group of Israeli Jews attacking a Palestinian village, Israelis were rightly repulsed, and Israel arrested several participants. Israel’s president and prime minister both condemned the riots, and Israelis raised more than $600,000 CAD for the Palestinian victims. Meanwhile, the family members of Palestinians who murder Israelis receive large financial pensions from the Palestinian Authority in a “pay for slay” fund.

Robert Walker, Honest Reporting Canada


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