HRC Rebuts The Hill Times Letter Writer, Which Made False Moral Equivalency Between Palestinian Terrorists And The IDF

In a recent October 25 letter to the editor in The Hill Times, Dan Freeman-Maloy attempted to make a moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorist organizations, who seek to kill civilians, and the IDF, which operates on a code of morality.

On October 30, our Assistant Director, Robert Walker, was granted space in The Hill Times to rebut these false allegations.

No moral equivalencies between Palestinian terrorist organizations and Israeli army

In his Oct. 25 letter to the editor, Dan Freeman-Maloy, director of strategic operations for the Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, attempts to create moral equivalencies between Palestinian terrorist organizations who seek to kill civilians and the Israeli

army who operate on a code of morality, targeting terrorists, not civilians. 

More egregious is Freeman-Maloy twisting himself in knots to try to justify the murder, torture, and kidnapping of Israeli civilians. 

There is no justification. Following the horrific terrorist attacks on Oct. 7, CJPME has proven clearly to Canadians that they do not stand for peace. 

The terrorist aims of Hamas to murder civilians is antithetical to Canadian values. 

The support for and justification of terrorism has no place on our streets. All Canadians of good conscious need to be standing together to say so.

Robert Walker
Assistant Director,
Honest Reporting Canada


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