HRC Rebuts Saskatoon StarPhoenix Letter Writer Who Equivocated Hamas And The State Of Israel

On October 28, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, a newspaper in Saskatchewan, published a letter by writer Jean-Pierre Ducasse who falsely accused Israel of holding Gazans in “an enormous open-air prison” and equivocated between Hamas terrorists, who killed 1,400 innocent people and kidnapped 240+ hostages on October 7, to Israel’s legitimate security concerns and safety measures along the Gazan border.

On November 7, the publication granted HRC Assistant Director Robert Walker space to rebut these baseless allegations in a commentary, which can be read below.

Comparison between Israel and Hamas in SP letter absurd

In his Oct. 28 letter, Jean-Pierre Ducasse rightly condemns Hamas terrorism, including its taking of hundreds of hostages from Israel, but soon equivocates between Hamas and Israel, claiming that civilians in Gaza “are also currently being held hostage in an enormous open-air prison by Israel.”

This comparison is absurd.

Unlike Hamas, which — in addition to massacring 1,400 innocent people in its Oct. 7 terror attack — kidnapped hundreds more, some babies and children, snatching them from their beds and dragging them into Gaza’s subterranean complex of terror tunnels.

Since taking over Gaza in a bloody civil war in 2007, Hamas has turned the enclave into a terror statelet, launching countless terror attacks into Israel. In response, Israel has had little choice but to protect its border from murderous attacks, the way any country in the world would seek to do.

If Gaza is an open-air prison, then Hamas is the warden, holding the keys, refusing to let its people breathe freedom, because it actively redirects international resources, not to improve the quality of its peoples’ lives, but to attempt to murder as many Jews as possible.

There is no comparison whatsoever between Hamas, a genocidal Islamist terrorist organization, and Israel, the victims of Hamas’ intended genocide.

(This letter is submitted on behalf of Honest Reporting Canada, an independent grassroots promoting fairness and accuracy in Canadian coverage of Israel and the Middle East.)

Robert Walker, Assistant Director, HonestReporting Canada


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