HRC Rebuts Biased Anti-Israel Book Review in London Free Press (April 4, 2010)

By Mike Fegelman

April 3, 2010
 HRC Rebuts Biased Anti-Israel Book Review in London Free Press

April 4, 2010
Dear HonestReporting Canada Subscriber,

A University of Western Ontario professor, David Heap, was derelict in his role in reviewing the anti-Israel book “Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid” in the London Free Press, by the merit of this book’s very selection, by not disclosing his inherent anti-Israel bias, and by embracing the role of an editorialist instead of a book reviewer. We “faulted” Heap “for his anti-Israel bias,” as his March 6 reviewpublished under the headline “Canada faulted for pro-Israel bias” read more like advocacy journalism and echo chamber, than an honest, straight forward book review.

On March 27, HonestReporting Canada’s rebuttal to this review was published in the Free Press under the headline “Backgrounds, biases need to be declared.” To read our full rebuttal please click here or otherwise please read it as it appeared in the print edition of the Free Press immediately below.

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