HRC Quoted In Toronto Sun: Foodbenders Shuts its Doors in Fight Against Zionists

December 7, 2020

In the Toronto Sun today, investigative columnist Sue-Anne Levy covers how the antisemitic Foodbenders restaurant claims it’s closing down, as the owner, Kimberley Hawkins, says she has to fight four legal cases against her.

In the article, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman is quoted as follows:

“Mike Fegelman, executive director of HonestReporting Canada, said if she is indeed closing, it’s positive and just.’What’s really concerning is that she used this whole controversy to leverage her profile on her Instagram account (and raise $47,000),’ he said. ‘What this says to us is that there’s a base out there who supports her toxic agenda.’”

Read the article in full by clicking here.


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