HRC Published In The Calgary Herald: Gaza Toll Being Inflated

May 23, 2024

On May 18, HRC Assistant Director Robert Walker was published in The Calgary Herald, writing in response to a letter by Rita Wong, who falsely stated that “Our governments have witnessed the (Israeli) military massacre of more than 35,000 unarmed Palestinian refugees, almost half of whom are children” over the past 8 months.

HRC rebuked her letter, stating that she is categorically wrong. First, that number comes from the Gaza Ministry of Health (AKA Hamas) which does not distinguish between combatants and civilians. The IDF estimates it has killed approximately 16,000 terrorists so far in their defensive war. Secondly, on May 14, the UN revised its own casualty numbers, roughly cutting the number of women and children casualties in half.

Gaza Toll Being Inflated

Early this week, letter writer Rita Wong claimed that “more than 35,000 unarmed Palestinian refugees, almost half of whom are children,” have been killed in the past seven months of war. There’s no substance to these claims.

Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group in Gaza, asserts that 35,000 people have been killed, but that includes roughly 16,000 Hamas fighters, hardly “unarmed.”

Furthermore, the United Nations has now downgraded the number of youth allegedly killed in Gaza to 8,000, meaning that it is not “almost half,” but in fact less than one-quarter.

Robert Walker
Assistant Director
HonestReporting Canada

(Editor’s note: On May 14, it was reported that the UN has clarified its casualty numbers. The UN says Gaza’s Health Ministry has been able to fully identify 24,686 deaths out of more than 35,000 people it says have been killed in the Gaza Strip. Based on the identities confirmed so far, the UN now says about 52 percent of those killed have been women – 5,000 – and children -7,800.)


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