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HRC Prompts Toronto Star Correction to Remedy Haroon Siddiqui Error

by Mike Fegelman

Today, HonestReporting Canada staff prompted a commendable correction in the Toronto Star. The publication atoned for an error by columnist Haroon Siddiqui who in a recent May 6 column incorrectly claimed that Israel has detained more than 1,500 Palestinian under administrative detention, whereas only 300 Palestinians have been jailed under administrative detention, a legal process where for reasons of national security, Israel embargoes the charge from public consumption. The other 1,200 or so have been formally charged by Israeli authorities and they include those awaiting trial, as well as those who have been convicted.

Here is the correction that appeared in the Toronto Star:

As to the law of administrative detention, it is used in security-related cases and it requires that a detainee be brought before a judge within a short period of time where it’s ascertained if there is any credible evidence to detain the individual. When one is detained, its deemed that there was credible evidence to jail that person. Defence officials argue that administrative detention, which has a 6-month cap, is a life-saving tool which the civil criminal justice system cannot provide to defend civilians from terrorist organizations.



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