HRC Prompts Metroland Media’s To Correct False Claim That Hamas “Attacked Israeli Settlements” On Oct. 7

On May 21, Metroland Media’s produced a report by journalist Tim Kelly about how Oshawa’s Ontario Tech University agreed to pro-Palestinian encampment activist’s demands to make all investments public.

In the report, journalist Tim Kelly described Hamas only as “a pro-Palestinian organization” and not the genocidal terror group that it is, and falsely claimed that Hamas’ murderous rampage on October 7 “attacked Israeli settlements” and not sovereign Israeli land.

In the report, the following was erroneously stated: “Independent reports indicate that over 35,000 Palestinians have died in the conflict in Gaza, which was triggered last Oct. 7 when Hamas, a pro-Palestinian organization, attacked Israeli settlements, killing over 1,200 civilians, taking civilians as hostages and prompting an Israeli response in Gaza that has continued since then.”

Firstly, we took great issue with this report’s referencing Hamas as a mere “pro-Palestinian organization,” as if they were political activists like those at Oshawa’s Ontario Tech University. Instead, Hamas is a Canadian-designated terrorist group that massacred 1,200 Israelis on October 7 in what was the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

Secondly, Hamas didn’t attack “Israeli settlements,” a statement which falsely claims that Israel only has tenuous control over these communities that the terrorists targeted. Instead, Hamas attacked sovereign Israeli territory and in so doing, committed a flagrant act of war.

The distinction matters here.

Accordingly, we were of the view and we respectfully requested that this report be corrected as soon as possible. After HRC filed a complaint with, corrective action was taken to acknowledge that Hamas attacked “Israeli territory,” though the news outlet continues to regard Hamas only as a “pro-Palestinian organization” and not terrorists, militants, fighters, etc. In so doing, continues to whitewash a Canadian-designated terrorist group.

Furthermore, given the material error contained in this report, it’s regrettable that this news outlet did not publish a formal correction notice, in the interests of journalistic accountability and professionalism.


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