HRC Prompts Hill Times Correction to Sheila Copps’ Anti-Israel Column

On May 21, the Hill Times published an anti-Israel column by Sheila Copps, former deputy prime minister and cabinet minister in the Jean Chrétien government.

HonestReporting Canada notified Hill Times editors that this column featured two serious errors:

1) Copps erroneously claimed that President Trump moved “the (U.S.) embassy to East Jerusalem”. Actually, he moved the Embassy to west Jerusalem, which is sovereign and undisputed Israeli territory. It’s in a neighbourhood known as Arnona.

2) Copps falsely said that “news reports say that more than 60 people were killed, including a baby overcome by tear gas…”

In sharp contrast, Gazan health officials dispute that the Palestinian baby died from tear gas inhalation. According to the Times of Israel, Gaza’s Health Ministry doesn’t know the cause of the baby’s death at the border and it’s been reported that she had a pre-existing condition and the family has acknowledged she had a hole in her heart. The New York Times reported that: “The Ghandour family acknowledged that Layla suffered from patent ductus arteriosus, a congenital heart disease commonly described as a hole in the heart. An unnamed doctor in Gaza told The Associated Press that he believed that a heart ailment, not Israeli tear gas, was the cause of Layla’s death.”

In response to our complaint, Hill Times editors commendably issued the following corrective:


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