HRC Prompts Globe Correction: PM Trudeau Didn’t Claim IDF “Targeted” Wounded Cdn. Doctor

Today, the Globe and Mail issued the following correction in response to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint after their  Ottawa Bureau Chief, Bob Fife, erroneously claimed on May 16 that Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement saying that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had “targeted” Canadian-Palestinian Doctor Tarek Loubani.

As it stands, culpability had yet to be determined in regards to how Loubani got injured and Trudeau merely wanted to find out how Loubani got wounded. He did not claim that Israeli snipers had “targeted” Loubani. Furthermore, this correction is actually deserving of a correction as Trudeau asked for an independent inquiry not just “to find out why Dr Tarek Loubani was shot,” but to “… thoroughly examine the facts on the ground – including any incitement, violence, and the excessive use of force.”

Mr. Fife wrote originally:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has deplored the shooting of a Canadian-Palestinian doctor by an Israeli sniper and called for an independent investigation into Israel’s use of live ammunition against civilians.


Dr. Loubani was shot in both legs by an Israeli sniper on the Gaza border Monday as clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli Defence Forces left at least 60 dead. More than 2,700 Palestinians suffered injuries, including 1,359 from live ammunition.


Mr. Trudeau said Canada has also demanded that Israel explain why Dr. Loubani, an emergency physician from London, Ont., and associate professor at the University of Western Ontario’s medical school, was targeted by an Israeli sniper.”

Though we appreciate that this correction was issued, the Globe has failed to confirm the veracity of its reporter’s claim that Israeli snipers shot Loubani in both legs. That is still yet to be determined. On that note, published this clarification in response to HRC’s complaint, of which, the Globe should follow suit:



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