HRC Prompts Globe Clarification: Headline Claiming Israel Violated Oslo Accords Not in Attribution

October 1, 2015

A news report published by the Globe and today featured a headline which outright accused Israel of having violated the Oslo Accords.

The headline stated the following: Palestinian flag raised at UN, President Abbas condemns Israel’s Oslo Accord violations.

The report failed to properly attribute that this was a claim  made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a speech he gave at the United Nations, nor did it use the word “alleged” or parenthesis to signify attribution. In contrast, the print version of this report featured the following headlines:

  • “Historic flag raising comes with tense words” 
  • “As emblem of Palestine gets recognition at UN, Abbas threatens to pull out of 1993 Oslo agreements.”

After communicating our concerns with senior editors at the Globe, the following clarification notice was issued and the headline was amended and now states the following:


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