HRC Prompts Globe And Mail, Toronto Star & IPolitics Corrective Action Acknowledging Israeli Claims That Islamic Jihad Rocket Hit Gaza Hospital

October 18, 2023

On October 17, the Toronto Star published on X (formerly Twitter), a now-deleted post, claiming that an Israeli airstrike killed 500+ people at a Gaza hospital:

Instead of being judicious and circumspect, the Star published this allegation based on claims made by the Gaza Health Ministry (AKA the Hamas terrorist group) and didn’t wait for an Israeli response.

Israel has strenuously disputed this allegation and the Israel Defence Force has said (a claim now also verified by United States President Joe Biden) that Islamic Jihad terrorists were responsible for the explosion at the hospital, as it came from a misfired rocket that was intended for Israel.

Furthermore, Agence France Presse (AFP) is now reporting that: “‘There are not 200 or even 500 dead, but rather a few dozen, probably between 10 and 50,‘ said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity, who also believes that ‘Israel probably didn’t do it’, according to the ‘serious leads’ of intelligence available to his services.”

HRC lodged a complaint with the Toronto Star asking for immediate corrective action, and we are pleased to note that the tweet has now been deleted.

Also, on October 17, The Globe and Mail published their ‘Politics Briefing‘ newsletter which reported on the bombing at the hospital in Gaza and regrettably only cited the Hamas-run Health Ministry as a source, claiming “Initial reports from the Hamas-run Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip say at least 500 people have been killed in an explosion that it says was a result of an Israeli airstrike.”

Untold by the Globe was Israel’s denial of responsibility for the bombing of the Gaza hospital, which Israel says was due to an errant Islamic Jihad rocket.

HRC lodged a complaint with the Globe and Mail asking that Israel’s claim be acknowledged, and we are pleased to report that the Globe has now added the following Editor’s note to this article which states the following:

We thank the Globe for adding clarification to this issue.

Also, on October 17, iPolitics published a Canadian Press (CP) article entitled: “Hitting a hospital in Gaza ‘not acceptable,’ Trudeau says of Israel-Hamas war” in which the article did not acknowledge Israel’s claim that the rocket that fell on the hospital in Gaza was a result of a failed rocket launched in Gaza from Islamic Jihad.

After notifying IPolitics that the original Canadian Press article had been updated to reflect the Israeli claim, IPolitics promptly updated the CP article which now features Israel’s denial of responsibility. We thank iPolitics for its cooperation.

Let this serve as a reminder for the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, IPolitics, and all media worldwide, terrorists aren’t trustworthy sources. Think twice before being an accomplice to the spreading of a blood libel.


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