CTV Amends Headline After Failing To Mention Canadian-Israeli Victim Had Been Murdered By Hamas Terrorists

November 14, 2023

On November 13, 2023, CTV News published an article on its website and social media channels which claimed that Canadian-Israeli citizen Vivian Silver, who was assumed to be one of the 240+ kidnapped hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, had “died” and was previously listed as “missing”.

In truth, Vivian Silver did not just “die”, she was brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Beeri, along with 1,200 other innocent civilians in southern Israel on October 7. As well, she was missing for 5 weeks because it took Israeli authorities that long to identify her body among the carnage, that’s how horrific Hamas’ attack was.

HonestReporting Canada and others alerted CTV News on X (Twitter) explaining that this headline not only did a disservice to her family, but also disrespected her memory.

We are pleased to note that CTV News amended its article with a headline that now reflects the fact that Vivian Silver was murdered by Hamas terrorists.

We thank CTV News for their swift action regarding this matter.


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