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HRC Prompts Correction in GlobeandMail.com

by Mike Fegelman

In a January 15 Globe and Mail online column on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel, Murtaza Hussain incorrectly stated the following: “Remarkably, Canada has taken positions which are ostensibly even more ‘pro-Israel’ than Israeli leaders themselves; arguing to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority when even Israel opposed such a move. That these policies have been unpopular among Canadians – 57 per cent of whom oppose his handling of this issue – appears to have had little bearing on Mr. Harper’s calculus.”

However, the poll that Ms. Hussain refered to makes no mention of Prime Minister Harper nor Canada’s stance on the Mideast file. Do 57 % of Canadians oppose Harper’s handling of the Mideast file? No. This poll only confirms that in 2013, Canadians had a 57% “mainly negative” view of “Israel’s influence” which could be attributed to a variety of reasons and factors. 

HRC contacted the Globe and Mail, which to its credit amended the column and issued the following correction to set the record straight: “Eds Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly suggested that Canadians in a poll opposed Stephen Harper’s handling of Israeli issues. The poll said 57 per cent of Canadians have a negative view of Israel’s influence in the world.” 



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