HRC Prompts CBC Radio On-Air Clarification: Israel Didn’t Kill “13,000 Palestinian Civilians”

November 24, 2023

At 9:05am on November 22, CBC Reporter Abby Kuhathasah erroneously claimed as fact that “13,000 Palestinian civilians” have been killed by Israeli forces.

Of course, according to this absurd logic, zero terrorists have been killed by the Israel Defense Forces.

It is demonstrably false to claim that all Palestinian casualties are civilians, especially as the Gaza Health Ministry (AKA Hamas) does not distinguish its casualty statistics between combatants and civilians.

Furthermore, Israel claims that it has killed several thousand terrorists in the past seven weeks of fighting.

Accordingly, HonestReporting Canada liaised with senior editors at CBC News calling for our public broadcaster to issue an immediate on-air corrective.

We are pleased to note that CBC upheld our concerns and the following day, broadcast the following on-air clarification:

“Now a clarification, yesterday we reported 13,000 Palestinian civilians had died in the Israel-Hamas conflict since October 7, in fact, that number provided by the Gaza Health Ministry includes both civilians and militants.”

We thank CBC for taking corrective action, but this egregious error seriously misled Canadians into believing that Israel was committing a wholesale massacre of 13,000 Gazan civilians. So much for accuracy and trust in the news.


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