HRC Prompts CBC On-Air Corrections: Israeli Forces Didn’t Kill Terrorists Inside Al Aqsa Mosque

July 18, 2017

Following HRC’s intervention, several times today, CBC News TV and Radio aired on-air corrections to remedy its wrongly reporting on July 14 that Israeli forces killed three Arab terrorists inside the Al Aqsa Mosque.

As we noted in our recent analysis of Canadian media coverage of the terror attack, two Druze Israeli officers were murdered by Arab-Israeli terrorists on the Temple Mount. CBC freelancer Irris Makler had erroneously claimed that Israeli forces killed the three terrorists inside the mosque, which is a very sensitive and revered Muslim holy site, and not outside in the Temple Mount compound.

Makler’s Radio report can be listened to by clicking here and her TV report can be watched by clicking here or immediately below:

On the same day that these reports were broadcast, HonestReporting Canada notified CBC editors of their serious errors and we’re pleased to note that the following on-air corrections were aired today:

“Got a correction for you on a story we reported on Friday from the Middle East. You might recall that Arab-Israeli attackers shot and killed two police officers. Well that set off a gun fight that killed the attackers. In one of our many reports that day we stated inadvertently that the attackers were killed inside the Al Aqsa Mosque which is a Muslim holy site. In fact, the shooting took place in the mosque’s compound, but not inside the mosque itself.” 

To listen to the correction on CBC Radio please click here and to watch the correction on CBC News TV, please click here or see immediately below:

Here is CBC’s official response to HRC’s complaint which was sent to HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman today:

Dear Mike,

Your concerns about the CBC’s reporting of events in Jerusalem last Friday were forwarded to me.  We have reviewed our coverage and concluded that we did indeed err in our description of events at the Al Aqsa mosque compound.

Several CBC reports said the shooting took place in the mosque.  That was incorrect.  As you pointed out, all evidence indicates the shooting happened at the mosque compound, not inside the mosque itself.  This is an important distinction.  We feel corrections are warranted.  We plan to air them this morning at 7am, 9am and 11am Eastern on World Report and in the 11am hour on News Network.

Thank you for thoughtful, informed feedback.


Greg Reaum,
Managing Editor,
CBC News Coverage

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