HRC Prompts CBC News To Acknowledge Hamas’ Claim Of “50 (Hostages) Dead By Israeli Airstrikes” Not Verifiable

November 1, 2023

On October 30, CBC News published an article entitled: “Israeli forces attack from 2 directions in Gaza as WHO calls war ‘disaster on top of disaster'”.

Within the article, the report said that “Hamas has released four hostages and said 50 have been killed in retaliatory Israeli strikes.”

However, this claim has not been verified by outside sources, and this is only an allegation made by Hamas terrorists. By not including this context in CBC’s report, it gave unfair heft to Hamas’ allegations which have not been proven.

Hamas is a terror organization that has no qualms about spreading lies and propaganda to further their destructive and nefarious goals, and it’s important for Canadians to be aware that these claims have only been made by Hamas, the veracity of which has not be proven.

HRC lodged a complaint with CBC News, asking that our public broadcaster acknowledge that it cannot verify Hamas’ claims and we are pleased to note that CBC has updated its article, which now says the following:

We thank the CBC for adding clarity and context to this story for their reader’s benefit and we take note of this important precedent that has been set.


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