HRC Letter Refutes Bogus Claim In Now Magazine

June 24, 2007

Nowmagazine On June 7th, Now Magazine reporter Glenn Wheeler erroneously claimed that Israel annexed the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after the Six Day War.

HonestReporting Canada contacted editors at Now informing them of this very serious error, while requesting a correction be printed in the next edition of the publication.  An editor at Now stubbornly replied that "this is an issue of debate" while refusing to run a correction.

In fact, there is no such debate.  HRC challenged Now editors to produce any information to justify their reporter’s claim.  To date we have received no such information to confirm the veracity of Wheeler’s claim.

Instead, Now mag. elected to print an abridged version of our original complaint as a letter to the editor (please see it below), even though our complaint was not written for publication.

"I am writing to draw your attention to an error in Glenn Wheeler’s article entitled Indigo’s Israel Problem. Wheeler states: "As protestors around the world mark the 40th anniversary of Israel’s annexation of the West Bank and Gaza Saturday (June 7)…" Contrary to his statement, Israel never annexed the West Bank or Gaza Strip. At best, shortly after the Six Day War, Israel annexed only East Jerusalem. Mike Fegelman, Assistant Director, HonestReporting Canada, Toronto"


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