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HRC Letter Published in Toronto Star: "No 'political prisoners' in Israel"

by Mike Fegelman

In today’s edition of the Toronto Star, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman responds to grossly inaccurate and inflammatory information that was stated by an anti-Israel letter writer on October 20. See both letters immediately below.


Additionally, this letter writer’s claim that these prisoners face “frequent torture” is egregious and without merit. Israel adheres to the Geneva Convention’s standards for the treatment of prisoners of war. Indeed, Palestinian prisoners receive ample access to medical treatment, psychiatry, nutritious food, visits and communication with family, and entertainment via the form of televisions, some of which are in the private cells of these prisoners. Even arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti got his PHD in political science at an Israeli jail, talk about “torture”! In sharp contrast, Gilad Shalit was held in solitary confinement, with no medical access, visits or communication with his family, IDF officials, or the International Red Cross. He didn’t even see the light of day for 5 years. Shalit came our emaciated, and clearly the victim of torture, psychological and perhaps physical by his Hamas captors. Where is Mr. Szoke-Trainor’s condemnation of Hamas’ clear violations of the rules of war?



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