HRC Letter Published in Toronto Star: “French Official To Be Deported”

October 21, 2013

After having attended an Al Quds rally in Toronto which prominently featured a speaker spewing anti-Semitism,  and being disavowed by the United Church of Canada for her participation in the rally, letter writer Karin Brothers took to the pages of the Toronto Star,  to falsely assert that “A French diplomat was attacked when delivering humanitarian aid to a Bedouin village that had just been razed by Israel.” In July, this individual also claimed in a Star letter that “‘Jewish terrorism’ (exists) when Israel attacks hundreds of thousands of innocent (mostly Muslim) Palestinian — or Lebanese, etc. — civilians gratuitously in their homes, schools or places of worship.”

HRC delivered the truth about the incident in the following unabridged letter to the editor published in the Star on October 8:

Toronto Star: Mike Fegelman: “French official to be deported

Karin Brothers’ bold lies deserve to be exposed. Contrary to her claims, France’s cultural attaché to its consulate in Jerusalem, Marion Fesneau-Castaing, physically attacked an Israeli soldier by punching him in the face in an altercation near an illegal Bedouin encampment. Even after being assaulted, the soldier showed incredible restraint when faced with a provocation by Arab and European activists.

A video of the incident shows Ms. Fesneau-Castaing deliberately falling to the floor, and remaining there as IDF soldiers try to coax her back on to her feet. A statement released by Israeli officials referred to: “European diplomats’ blatant violation of the law, their disregard to a ruling of the Israeli court and their unnecessary provocation under the alleged pretext of humanitarian aid… Diplomats are sent by their governments to be a bridge and not act as provocateurs. The European diplomats and their governments owe an explanation to this blatant violation of diplomatic codes of conduct. Israel has already made it clear that it will not accept this misconduct. Israel’s response will reflect the seriousness of these violations.”

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the structures were built without proper permits and where therefore illegal.

As a result of her actions, Ms. Fesneau-Castaing will be deported from Israel by the end of the year.

Mike Fegelman
Executive Director
HonestReporting Canada 


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