HRC Letter Published in Hamilton Spectator: Amira Hass Lacks Objectivity, Integrity

October 11, 2011

Amira Hass, a journalist-activist recently in Canada on a speaking tour, spoke to the Canadian press as well as members of the academic community. Hass is intensely hostile toward the State of Israel and accuses the Jewish state of practicing terrorism, apartheid, stealing Palestinian resources and other accusations which are false and calumnious.

In 2001, she was found guilty of libel for presenting a false account of Hebron Jews kicking, spitting and dancing around the corpse of a Palestinian shot by border police. Closed-circuit television at the time was able to expose her libellous claims as false.

For more on Amira Hass visit CAMERA. Also, please see the following HonestReporting Canada letter to the editor published in today’s Hamilton Spectator exposing Hass’ lack of objectivity and integrity:


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