HRC Letter Published in Comox Valley Record: “The Other Side of the Middle East”

October 10, 2013

In response to an October 8 letter in the Comox Valley Record (CVR) by the Comox Valley Peace Group praising the efforts of Flotilla activist Jim Manly, HRC set the record straight on the fool’s Gaza flotilla whose goal was confrontation rather than aid, violence rather than peace.

Here is our letter that presented “The Other Side of the Middle East” that was published in the CVR on October 10:

Flotilla activist Jim Manly was only interested in confrontation, not aid; violence, not peace when he tried to generate international headlines by trying to breach the blockade of the Gaza Strip. The Estelle’s voyage was a publicity stunt for his anti-Israel agitprop. Their “humanitarian aid” consisted of soccer balls, musical instruments, and toys which were to be sent to Gaza at a time when the Red Cross, United Nations, and even Hamas acknowledge that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Thanks to Israeli efforts, Gazans have ample supplies of basic necessities and consumer goods, and are currently experiencing an economic boom and good standards of living.

In fact, the UN Palmer Report confirmed the legality of Israel’s sea blockade which is designed to prevent the transfer of dangerous weaponry to the Hamas terrorist regime, the wisdom of which has been repeatedly demonstrated. For example, in March 2011, Israel seized 50 tonnes of weapons aboard the Syrian vessel, the Victoria. The Estelle’s attempt to break the blockade went contrary to international law and was a dangerous provocation and a reckless act that drew a risk for unnecessary violence to ensue.

How rich that Former MP Jim Manly now tours Canada in an attempt to regale his audience with his accounts from the High Seas and the Canadian Boat to Gaza folks will surely persist with their anti-Israel provocations hoping that rhetoric will trump reason, but in the end, we trust that average Canadians will see their true colours.

Mike Fegelman is the executive director of Honest Reporting Canada.


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