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HRC Letter Printed in the Globe and Mail

by Mike Fegelman

HonestReporting Canada’s executive director responded to pernicious allegations in an Orly Halpern article in the Globe and Mail, where she quoted an Israeli professor who erroneously claimed that "Jewish-only roads" exist in the West Bank:

"Orly Halpern (Israel To Expropriate Palestinian Land For Highway – Oct. 10) quoted an Israeli professor, Oren Yiftachel, claiming that Jewish-only road networks exist in the West Bank, something akin to "apartheid," according to the professor. There are no "Jewish-only" roads in the West Bank. Certain West Bank roads are open to Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israeli citizens (whose vehicles have yellow licence plates) but are off-limits to non-Israeli residents of the West Bank (who have different plates). Mike Fegelman, Executive Director, HonestReporting Canada"



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