HRC Letter in Waterloo Record Counters Baseless Accusations Against Israel

August 7, 2012

Charging Israel with "apartheid" and discrimination, HonestReporting Canada countered these baseless accusations against Israel made by a Waterloo Record letter writer on July 27. See our response that was publshed in the Waterloo Record today immediately below:

Accusations baseless
Re: Good on United Church for boycott proposal — July 27

While letter writer Dale Finch smears Israel with baseless accusations, can he kindly explain why a full 20 per cent of Israel’s population is comprised of Arabs, while a negligible amount of Jews live in Arab or Muslim countries (8,600 Jews out of more than a billion Muslims)?

Can Finch explain why the Christian population is growing in Israel, but decreasing in Arab countries? Or why an Arab boycott of Jewish products was formally declared in 1945 before Israel even became a Jewish state, and decades before the first settlement was built?

The answer is that the true intolerance is an Arab world that is unwilling to live in peace with a Jewish state in its midst.

Israel, numbering six million Jews, is surrounded by 350 million Arabs comprising 22 states and sitting on 640 times the land mass of Israel.

When put in perspective, one understands that boycotts, which aim to strangle Israel economically for settlements that sit on less than two per cent of the West Bank, is not aimed at building a Palestinian state, but destroying a Jewish one.

Michelle Whiteman
regional director, HONESTReporting Canada
Montreal, QC


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