HRC Letter In Chronicle Herald: "Errant rockets, Erroneous claim"

August 4, 2014

HRC responds to a Chronicle Herald letter writer who on July 30 unfairly blamed Israel for carnage at the Shifa Hospital. Read our August 2 letter below:

Errant rockets, erroneous claim

Re: “Stop the slaughter” (July 30 letter). Judy Haiven has done a great disservice to the people of Gaza for blaming Israel for the carnage at the Shifa Hospital. Contrary to her claims, an errant Hamas rocket was responsible for the brutal deaths of 10 Palestinians, the majority of whom were children. Her opprobrium, and that of world leaders and the UN, should be directed at Hamas for putting innocents at risk by turning civilian areas into military targets.

Shifa Hospital has been reported by Canadian and international journalists as being Hamas’s headquarters where their operatives have embedded themselves, their weapons, and where they conduct media interviews from.

Hamas’s efforts to turn Palestinian civilians into human shields is abhorrent and is a bona fide war crime.

Mike Fegelman, executive director,
HonestReporting Canada, Toronto


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