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HRC Interviewed on Landmark Report's Insights & Influence Program

by Mike Fegelman

Landmark Report journalist Dave Gordon interviewed HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman yesterday to discuss our continued efforts to ensure fair and accurate Canadian media coverage of Israel.

To listen to the full interview, please click here.

Here’s an abstract of the interview courtesy of the Landmark Report:

Mike Fegelman, director of Honest Reporting Canada is the guest on this episode of Insights & Influence.

HRC – whose motto is “promoting fairness, ensuring accuracy, and affecting change” – challenges the Canadian media to stay fair in their reporting to Israel.

Such examples include a recent error of omission from the Toronto Star’s November 13 front page coverage which did not identify a killed Palestinian as a terrorist, implying he was an innocent target.

In still another example, Patrick Martin of the Globe and Mail lays all of the blame for unrest in Israel on Prime Minister Netanyahu, to the exclusion of terrorist attacks and Palestinian incitement.

In twenty minutes, Fegelman discusses these and other recent examples of problems in reporting.

You’ll hear how HRC holds the media’s feet to the fire, and gets results.



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