HRC In Whitehorse Star: Pro-Palestinian Letter Writer Took Liberty With The Truth In Order To Malign Israel

September 5, 2023

In an August 25 letter published in the Whitehorse Star, HRC Assistant Director Robert Walker rebutted egregious falsehoods spread by an anti-Israel letter writer, including the allegation that Israel is an occupier of the Gaza Strip when in reality the Jewish State hasn’t been present there for nearly 20 years.

Palestinians Falsely Blame Israel

In his August 18 letter (“Israel can’t be considered a democracy”), Mohamed Khalaf claims that Israel cannot be described as a democracy “as long as millions of Palestinians live under Israeli rule as subjects of a military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.” 

Khalaf is playing fast and loose with the truth. 

Israel has not occupied the Gaza Strip since August 2005, when the country pulled all its citizens out in a painful – and unrequited – concession of peace towards the Palestinians. Not a single Israeli soldier or civilian is inside Gaza.  

As for Judea & Samaria (often called the West Bank by the news media), the majority of Palestinians live in Area A, under the direct security and civil control of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Israelis are forbidden from entering the area. 

Israel retains extensive legal rights to the entirety of Judea & Samaria, which is also home to hundreds of thousands of Israelis, and referring to Israel’s ancient presence as a “military occupation” is colourful, but far from accurate.  

The Palestinians in Judea & Samaria are not Israeli civilians, but Palestinians, and are governed by the PA.  

Tragically, for decades, the PA has decided that, rather than engaging Israel in good-faith negotiations to pursue a sovereign state, it has incited its population against Israel, and continued to fund terrorism.  

Inside Israel, millions of Arabs enjoy full and equal rights as Israeli civilians, providing a model for what a successful state can look like – assuming the Palestinian leadership has any interest in emulating it. 

If and when the Palestinian leadership decides to pursue peace, it can create a Palestinian state and borders can be negotiated. But evidently the Palestinian leadership – and its advocates in the West – prefer to falsely blame Israel rather than creating a better life for Palestinians.  


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