HRC in Penticton Herald: Letter Calling for Israel to be Relocated to America was Hateful

August 19, 2014

In the Penticton Herald today, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman called out a letter writer’s hateful screed which advocated that Israel should be relocated to the United States.


Dear Editor:

Re: Frank Martens: “Relocate Israel to the United States” (Herald, Aug. 18).

According to Frank Martens, the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to “relocate Israel to the United States”. In so doing, Mr. Martens advocates the wholesale destruction of Israel, the eradication of the world’s only Jewish state, and the ethnic cleansing of more than six-million Jews.

For Martens, the Jewish people’s historical connection to the land of Israel dating more than 3,000 years is of no significance, nor the fact that modern Israel was reborn out of the United Nations.

Martens is of the belief that a Jewish presence in the Middle East is the root cause of the current conflict and that by ridding the world of this “cancer” world peace will prevail. By calling for all Jews to be purged from the region, this letter writer has engaged in outright anti-Semitism and the Penticton Herald regrettably gave him a platform for his hateful screed.

Mike Fegelman, Executive Director
Honest Reporting Canada


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