HRC in National Post Today: "Boat to Gaza Reasoning Just Doesn’t Hold Water"

October 26, 2012

The National Post should be commended for giving Ehab Lotayeff of the “Canadian Boat to Gaza” an opportunity to present his case yesterday for why his organization set sail for Gaza. After reading Lotayeff’s counterpoint, most fair-minded people will come to the quick conclusion that these flotilla activists were only interested in confrontation, not aid, violence, not peace in an effort to generate international headlines for their anti-Israel agitprop. The Estelle’s voyage was a publicity stunt. Their “humanitarian aid” consisted of soccer balls, musical instruments, and toys which were to be sent to Gaza at a time when the Red Cross, United Nations, and even Hamas acknowledge that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Thanks to Israeli efforts, Gazans have ample supplies of basic necessities and consumer goods, and are currently experiencing an economic boom and good standards of living.

Our rebuttal as published in the Post today, explains why the "Boat to Gaza’s Reasoning Just Doesn’t Hold Water"


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