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HRC Commends Globe & Mail For Implementing New Editing Protocols to Prevent Online Hate

by Mike Fegelman

HonestReporting Canada commends the Globe and Mail for its efforts to prevent the proliferation of hate speech on its online message boards.

“In the backdrop of the current conflict instigated by Hamas’ relentless rocket attacks on Israel’s citizens, the Globe recognized that the message boards appended to its Mideast content were being manipulated by bigots hoping that their intolerant commentaries would reach mainstream audiences,” said Mike Fegelman, Executive Director of HonestReporting Canada. “Drawing a line in the sand, the Globe and Mail has implemented important measures to ensure that vitriolic hate speech, racism, and antisemitism are not given an undue platform on its website’s comment boards.”
“At a time when Canadian news organizations are making cutbacks with fewer human resources to expend, the Globe’s deployment of its staff to ensure that its website is not a haven for hatemongers and a forum for xenophobia, demonstrates principled priorities and responsible news judgement. The Globe has set an important bar by pledging to pre-approve all comments on Mideast-related matters. In so doing, we hope that hateful reader commentary that falls outside the accepted discourse will no longer see the light of day. We look forward to working with Globe and Mail editors in their implementation and enforcement of this new editing protocol.”
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1 comment

Subutai December 1, 2012 - 3:55 am

If one dares
point out the crimes commited by the Zionists against the Palestinians, will
you automatically call him an antisemitic hate monger? Have you ever read
Thomas Friedman’s book From Beitrut to Jerusalem?
He is a Jew.

There is a booklet titled The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict,
Published by Jews for Justice in the Middle East, you can find it at

As one Palestinian said, it seems like the Zionists think their own blood is
gold, and Palestinians blood is water.


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