HonestReporting Canada Secures Correction in Windsor Star

February 9, 2007

In an article describing the pending peace deals between rival Palestinian factions, staff writers at the Windsor Star wrote the following erroneous headline:


The Problem: As the Palestinians have not been granted statehood, to reference the Palestinian territories or the Palestinian Authority as "Palestine" is essentially erroneous, misleading and inaccurate. In the interests of journalistic neutrality, headline writers at the Star have the responsibility to state the facts as neutrally as possible and leave out the value judgment, so as to not cast the news in a certain light.

HonestReporting Canada contacted Windsor Star editors and secured the following correction the very next day: (Click image to enlarge)


This wasn’t the first time the Star made a headline error with regard to the word "Palestine".  Remarklably, only two days prior to the above error, the Star bungled another headline!  See it here:


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