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HonestReporting Canada Commends Letter Writer

by Mike Fegelman

Thegazette Congratulations to Sara Levitas for having the following letter printed in Monday’s edition of the Montreal Gazette:

"It shocks me every time I see the term "Hezbollah fighters," especially when reading The Gazette. Call them what they are: terrorists, with the sole mission of eradicating the Jewish state along with the Jewish people."

For more information on how to write an effective letter to the editor, check out this recent column penned by the National Post’s letters editor, Paul Russel.

Some of the more noteworthy tips include:

"Your letter will be edited You could very well be the world’s best writer, but be assured that your carefully selected prose will be fine-tuned by Post staff — and probably shortened — in the interests of clarity and space. Don’t take it personally, but instead consider it a learning experience for the next missive you send in….. "

"Tell us who you are Be sure to provide your full name, phone number and address. This crucial information is needed not only for verification, but in case we need to contact you about editing changes. And no, we will not publish letters with your name withheld, except in extraordinary circumstances that have to be arranged beforehand with our editorial staff….."

"We need exclusivity Don’t send your letter to numerous media outlets, thinking that will increase its chance of publication. That only achieves quite the opposite effect. Letters editors across the land, seeing the note is not unique to their paper, will just delete it."



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