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HonestReporting Canada Challenges Hill Times Columnists’ Anti-Israel Contentions

by Mike Fegelman

The Hill Times is an independent newspaper based in Ottawa that focuses largely on federal politics. It’s widely read by politicians & their staffers, and lobbyists on Parliament Hill and throughout Canada. The Hill Times claims that it’s an “influential must-read” which write(s) for the savvy, political and government insider.”

Given that its readership is largely made up of Canada’s top policy makers, we were especially concerned that a contributing columnist at this publication, Murray Dobbin, had in a July 11 column, defended NDP Member of Parliament Libby Davies for her past comments which questioned Israel’s right to exists, along with promulgating baseless claims that there’s been a “dramatic shift in opinion” in Canada “in favour of Palestinian rights.”

HonestReporting Canada challenged this columnists’ anti-Israel contentions in the following commentary that the Hill Times published on July 18:

Via her own twitter account and on full display to the world, NDP MP Libby Davies declares her support for the anti-Israel flotilla:



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