Hill Times Publishes Letter Containing Antisemitic Statements Comparing Gaza To Warsaw Ghetto

March 19, 2024

It was incredulous that letter writer Linda Leon was given space in the March 13 edition of the Hill Times to claim that “Gaza is beginning to look more and more like the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw under assault by Nazi occupiers.”

The reason the Warsaw Ghetto analogy is used is to trump up libelous claims that Jews who were once the victims of the Nazis during the Holocaust, are now the victimizers carrying out the “genocide” of Palestinians. Importantly, comparisons of Israeli policy and actions to Nazism fit the European Union’s, U.S. State Department’s, Canada’s and the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) working definition of antisemitism.

Leon’s letter is not only a repulsive assault on the memory of millions of victims of Nazi-era rule, Jews and non-Jews alike, it is historically ignorant.

The Nazis starved, beat, tortured, and murdered six million Jews solely because they were Jewish. In Gaza, Israel is facing a genocidal terrorist organization, Hamas. Despite the necessity of fighting the group who massacred 1,200 innocent Israelis in a murderous pogrom on October 7, Israel has sent in literally tens of thousands of trucks filled with humanitarian aid into Gaza, actively warns civilians before military operations, and even sends Israeli soldiers directly into the battlefield in an effort to minimize civilian harm.

Those aren’t just talking points, but demonstrable facts. The proportion of civilian casualties in Gaza is dramatically lower than in other conflicts, even as Hamas does its utmost to embed its fighters among civilians by using them as human shields, eager to kill its own people for the sake of good publicity.

The moment Hamas surrenders, and frees the over 134 Israeli hostages, the war can be over.

Let your voice be heard! Click here to write to The Hill Times and object to their publishing a letter containing antisemitic statements comparing the situation in the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw Ghetto.


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