Hill Times Commentators Decry Lack Of Support For Palestinian Women, All While Completely Ignoring Hamas’ Sexual Crimes Against Israeli Women

March 12, 2024

On March 8, Katherine Bullock, a lecturer at the University of Toronto, Tazeen Hasan, an advocacy manager with Justice For All Canada and Nawel Hamidi, assistant professor at Saint Paul University, wrote an article in the Hill Times, entitled:Trudeau’s feminist policies have failed Palestinian women and girls” in which the authors called on the Canadian government to do more for the Palestinian females they allege have been harmed directly and indirectly by Israel in the Hamas-Israel conflict.

They open by saying, “As we mark International Women’s Day on March 8, the plight of Palestinian women and girls underlines a stark gap in the UN’s 2024 ‘invest in women: accelerate progress’ theme that is meant to uplift voices of all women and girls, especially those marginalized in times of crisis.”

Yet in their column, these academic and human rights authors silence the voice of Israeli women and girls, making themselves guilty of the precise crimes they attribute to others.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists broke the existing ceasefire and invaded Israel unprovoked. They proceeded to murder 1,200 innocent Israelis, including women and girls, Canadians as well including Tiferet Lapidot, Judith Weinstein Haggai, Shir Georgy, Vivian Silver, and Adi Vital-Kaploun. They weaponized sexual abuse against women and girls by raping and murdering them. They beheaded their victims, including babies. They took 253 hostages, including females that they sexually abused, including minors, while in captivity. The details are bestial and defy any humanity. Female hostages continue to be held by these Hamas terrorists at this moment.

But not once did Bullock, Hasan or Hamidi acknowledge these crimes, failing to mention Hamas even a single time.

These female voices have most definitely been sickeningly “marginalized in times of crisis” by the very authors who profess to care.

Blinding their readership with their qualifications, the authors manage to make no mention of the protagonists of the conflict – Hamas terrorists – and what they could do to stop the conflict in its tracks by returning all the hostages immediately. Of course, Hamas has no intention of doing so. Hamas’s leader, Yahye Sinwar called October 7, “a rehearsal” and Hamas’s charter aims to annihilate Israel and in its place install an ISIS style, Islamic caliphate. It is unlikely that this will serve the female inhabitants well, given Hamas’ marginalization of women in Gaza and enforcement of strict sharia law that treats women like chattle, which includes having no law against abusing female family members.

The authors wholly ignore this, instead quoting casualty data from the “Gaza health ministry,” a branch of Hamas, without mentioning the real source and why they are unreliable. The numbers themselves raise questions as to their veracity, with the numbers increasing with a regularity that belies a war zone, among other factors. They also do not differentiate between Hamas terrorists and civilians, with Israel claiming 12,000 Hamas fighters have been killed and Hamas itself admitting to at least 6,000 of its fighters have been killed. The UN itself has said that 90% of modern day war casualties are civilians. Even were Hamas’s figures to be true, Israel undercuts this significantly.

Bullock, Hasan and Hamidi’s now obsolete call for Canada to refund UNWRA is suspect. UNWRA and Hamas overlap heavily. Their connection was seen clearly when

UNWRA employees celebrated the atrocities of October 7 on its social media channel with 3,000 UNWRA members, including calls to execute the hostages. Released Israeli hostages report being held captive by both a UN doctor and a UN teacher. Hamas’s underground data center was housed beneath UNWRA headquarters, begging belief that they were unaware. Israeli Jonathan Samerano’s dead body was filmed being taken hostage by a UN staffer in a UN vehicle into Gaza. It has not been returned.

In quoting from Euro-Med, the authors further indicate where their sympathies lie by relying on voices of terror to accuse Israel of unverified abuses. Euro-Med is reportedly tied to Hamas terror. Ramy Abdu, its founder and chairman, is on Israel’s list as one of Hamas’s main operatives in Europe. As NGO Monitor notes, “Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med Monitor) consistently spreads blood libels and conspiracy theories about Israel, and accuses Israel of ‘apartheid,’ ‘genocide,’ ‘ethnic cleansing,’ ‘collective punishment,’ and ‘war crimes.’”

Bullock, Hassan and Hamidi have insulted the values they purport to represent in their whitewashing of Hamas terrorism and their ignoring of Hamas’ sexual crimes against women. Put simply, believe Israeli women. Rape is not resistance.

Let your voice be heard! Click Here to write to The Hill Times telling them to stop ignoring Hamas’ sexual violence crimes against Israeli women!


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