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Hezbollah Terrorist a Former Macleans Salesman

by Mike Fegelman

Husseinnaboulsi_2 The Toronto Star’s Oakland Ross reported today that Hussein Naboulsi, the former director of Hezbollah’s media relations efforts was none other than a former Macleans magazine salesman.

If the name sounds familiar, Naboulsi is infamous for leading CNN’s Nic Robertson by the nose in Lebanon, giving him a platform to attack Israel by issuing unsubstantiated allegations and outright propaganda.  See the clip here.

Meanwhile, Michael Totten’s eye-opening look at Hezbollah’s media relations reported that: "The first time I met Hussein Naboulsi, Hezbollah?s media relations liaison, he was perfectly friendly. But he later threatened me with physical violence because I cracked a joke about Hezbollah on my blog."



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