Haroon Siddiqui Responds

December 27, 2006

In response to Lorrie Goldstein’s column in the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star editor emeritus, Haroon Siddiqui offered his own two cents in the Sun’s Saturday edition:Siddiq_2

"I am thankful to Lorrie Goldstein for publicizing my Toronto Star column on Yehuda Shaul, executive director of Break the Silence, an Israel group of ex-soldiers critical of the Israeli military tactics in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

But Goldstein’s complaint that I made "no mention of Palestinian terrorism as having anything to do with the harshness or duration of the occupation" is silly. There wasn’t because Shaul made no mention of it; had he, I’d have faithfully included it.

Second, Goldstein is wrong to say that I inadvertently illustrated that Israel’s toughest critics are Israelis. In fact, I was quite explicit in applauding the fact that Shaul is "a courageous citizen of Israeli democracy."

Goldstein’s main irritation is with what Shaul had to say and only tangentially with me for giving him a platform, something The Sun denied him during his recent Toronto visit."

Haroon Siddiqui (Toronto Star)

In response the Toronto Sun wrote:

"(Lorrie’s not irritated with Shaul, whom he’s never heard of or from. He’s criticizing you for not mentioning terrorism in your column on the brutality of the Israeli occupation. Wouldn’t you criticize a column condemning terrorism that omitted any mention of the occupation?)"

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