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Haroon Siddiqui at it Again

by Mike Fegelman

Haroon Siddiqui?s feeble attempt to paint Israel as an aggressor nation in contrast to Iran, Syria, and Lebanon is entirely laughable.

While Iran?s president continues to call for the Jewish state to be ?wiped off the map?, it?s axis of evil partner Syria tried to acquire nuclear weaponry in bold defiance of non-proliferation treaties. Furthermore, Syria, Iran, and Lebanon?s continued support of the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations only helps to destabilize the Middle East and to put the lives of Israeli citizens at risk.

In his effort to impugn Israel for the so-called ?invasion of Lebanon,? Haroon again fails to mention that Hezbollah instigated the Second Lebanon War when it carried out a brazen cross-border raid in July of 2006, which saw the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers (now confirmed deceased) along with the deaths of three more.

So much for respecting the ?sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations? as Haroon claims to value so much.



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