Hamilton Spectator Visits "Ancient Jerusalem" and "Trendy Tel Aviv"

December 4, 2011

Hamilton Spectator food writer Dan Kislenko visited Israel earlier this year as a guest of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Here is his account of Israel’s international flavours; where Kislenko "taste(d) heaven in ancient Jerusalem and trendy Tel Aviv:

"They are two cities just a little over an hour’s drive apart, but they may as well be on different worlds.

Jerusalem, at least the older central part of the city, is steeped in religion and there seems to be a kind of serenity about many people you pass in the street. Things move at a walking pace.

Tel Aviv, by contrast, feels a bit like Las Vegas on steroids. Everything moves fast, everything jumps at night. It is definitely a beach city, with the attitudes of a beach lifestyle. When the weather permits, which is most of the time, people head for the white beaches that stretch along the city’s entire length to sunbathe, play volleyball, jog or splash in the Mediterranean."

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