Gwynne Dyer Commentary In The Hill Times Accuses Israel Of Intentionally Starving Palestinians To Drive Them “Out of the Strip By An Artificial Famine”

March 15, 2024

With so much Hamas-driven disinformation emanating out of the Gaza Strip, it can sometimes be difficult for critics of Israel to get their stories straight.

In his March 11 opinion column in The Hill Times entitled: “Israel-Gaza: ‘no boots on the ground’”, Gwynne Dyer, who frequently uses his platform to assail Israel, sent mixed messages about the humanitarian situation inside Gaza.

Five times, Dyer refers to the “starving” population inside Gaza, at one point even punctuating his phrasing for emphasis (“yes, literally starving”), saying “Palestinian children from starving to death under the Israeli siege.”

Yet elsewhere in his column, Dyer pointed out that no, the population of Gaza is not, in fact, starving, writing that “In late January…an average of 147 trucks a day were delivering food into the Gaza Strip. That’s only a third of the peacetime amount, but it was enough to feed two and a half million people at bare survival level.”

But since then, Dyer argued, “food deliveries to Gaza have collapsed: only 57 trucks went in between Feb. 9 and Feb. 21,” rhetorically asking why did Israel “order that cut,” before answering his own question by theorizing that “It could just be anger at the Internal Court of Justice’s decision—or it could be a strategy for driving Palestinians out of the Strip by an artificial famine.”

There are manifold problems with Dyer’s “facts” and logic alike.

While Dyer cherry-picked a 12-day period in an attempt to prove his point, the trend of deliveries is increasing. In the two week period from mid-February to early March, an average of 102 food trucks entered Gaza every day, a huge increase from the 70 food trucks which entered the territory daily before the war.

On March 12, the day after Dyer’s column was published, well over 200 trucks entered Gaza. Despite accusations from UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency with ties to Palestinian terrorism, that Israel blocks aid, Jerusalem approves the vast majority of aid trucks requested, roughly 98.5 percent.

The apocalyptic descriptions of Gaza used by Dyer and other hyperbolic media commentators simply do not stand up to scrutiny, either to the huge amounts of international aid entering the territory.

The same day as Dyer’s column was published, proclaiming that Gazans are starving, images from Gaza’s Nusierat and Al-Maghazi markets show bustling stalls and plentiful food.

Dyer’s absolutely groundless speculation that Israel is intentionally starving Gaza to drive “Palestinians out of the Strip by an artificial famine” has zero evidence in support, and a mountain of data demonstrating the exact opposite.

Tragically, not all aid that enters Gaza reaches the civilian population; much of it is subsequently stolen by Hamas terrorists, a fact that apparently is widely-known among Gazans, but a reality which Dyer remains suspiciously quiet.

Gwynne Dyer’s opinion column in The Hill Times is reflective of much of the anti-Israel commentaries in recent months: misleading data combined with carefully omitted information, combined to create an outlandishly false conclusion that does not stand up to scrutiny.

Let your voice be heard! Click Here to write to The Hill Times telling the publication that there’s no foundation to Gwynne Dyer’s commentary which accuses Israel of intentionally starving Palestinians to drive them “out of the strip by an artificial famine.”


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