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Good News From Hebron

by Mike Fegelman

Check out a surprisingly optimistic dispatch from Hebron by New York Times correspondent Ethan Bronner.

The National Post's Jonathan Kay comments on the report:

  • "In past years, just about every news story I've read about Hebron detailed the bitter, poisonous conflict between the 130,000-odd local Palestinians and the 700-odd hardcore Jewish settlers who've staked out a presence in the hugely historic West Bank town. But in today's NYT, Ethan Bronner describes how Hebron is enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to a surprisingly muscular deployment of Palestinian Authority security officers under the command of Brig. Gen. Sameh al-Sifi. He's cracked down on thieves and jihadists alike ? even going so far as to confiscate suicide belts from Hamas, something Yasser Arafat rarely dared. His relationship with the local Israeli commander is reportedly excellent."

Meanwhile, more of the same old Hebron coverage depicting "strident" Jewish settlers and Palestinians in conflict by Patrick Martin in today's Globe and Mail.

Maybe Kay can give Martin a bone?



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