Israeli Security Barrier vs. Israeli Separation Wall


In the early 2000s, in the face of incessant suicide bomb and other terrorist attacks from Palestinian terrorist groups, Israel erected a physical structure to help keep terrorists out of Israel to safeguard its citizenry. The Israeli Security Barrier is 95% fence, overwhelmingly made of chain-link and not concrete walls, which is aimed at countering terrorism. Its success has been indisputable: suicide bomb attacks fell to a trickle, and then ceased completely, in the years after the fence was constructed. By some estimates, there was a 90% reduction of terror attacks since the barrier was implemented. Only 5% of the barrier is in fact concrete wall and this is specifically to thwart sniper attacks on Israeli communities. Despite this, media reports consistently display the walled sections vs. the fenced portions, which misleads readers and viewers to believe that the barrier is more imposing than it actually is. Media also mislead by presenting the barrier as a dichotomy of a safety measure or a land grab.


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