“Disputed” Territories vs. “Occupied” Territories


As mentioned above, the land in question (Gaza Strip & Judea & Samaria/West Bank) were previously occupied by Egypt & Jordan, respectively. Both countries have vacated the land, since 1967, and neither country currently claims the land as their own, and no other sovereign state has claimed the land (with the possible exception of Israel in Judea & Samaria / West Bank). As such, it would be categorically untrue to describe either Gaza or Judea & Samaria/West Bank as being illegally occupied by Israel. At least, there is no legal owner, and at most, the legal owner is Israel, as the only sovereign state claiming ownership of it. But certainly, it would be inaccurate and misleading to characterize the land as occupied territory. Israel possesses legal & historical rights to the land, so it would be a misnomer to occupy one’s own land.

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