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Globe & Mail Issues ?Jewish, not Israeli? Correction

by Mike Fegelman

A Globe & Mail article yesterday entitled ?York wants more civil Israeli-Palestinian debate? carried a photo caption which blurred the line between Jewish peoplehood and Israeli citizenship when Canadian Jewish students at Ontario?s York University were mistakenly identified as Israelis. Although the State of Israel was founded to provide a national home for the Jewish people, not all Jews are Israeli citizens. According to Israeli law, only those Jews who have immigrated to Israel under the Law of Return, who have a parent holding an Israeli citizenship or who have undergone the residence or naturalization process set out by the government of Israel are considered Israeli citizens. Unless this is the case, Jews residing in Canada are Canadian citizens, not Israelis.

The following correction appeared the next day to clear up the matter:

?A photograph yesterday showed some Jewish, not Israeli, students at York University.?

Globe & Mail 'Israeli students protest at York University last month'



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