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Globe & Mail: Gaza Beach Civilians Killed by Israel (UPDATED)

by Mike Fegelman

Globe2_1After an Israeli investigation concluded that Israel did not cause the Gaza beach tragedy, the Globe and Mail published a June 14 article entitled "Israel denies it caused Gaza beach deaths." But in today’s Globe and Mail, Orly Halpern seems to have decided that Israel was in fact responsible:

"Yesterday’s strike was billed as revenge for the 22 civilians killed in an Israeli shelling on a Gaza beach and botched air strikes against militants since the start of June, as well as revenge for the assassination of the militant head of the PRC."

For comparison purposes, here’s how Mitch Potter handled the same issue in today’s Toronto Star:

"Abu Zuhri’s reference relates to an explosion on a Gaza beach two weeks ago in which eight Palestinian civilians died. An Israeli army probe cleared itself of any responsibility for the incident, which Palestinians attribute to Israeli artillery shelling."

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail published this clarification in its June 28 edition:

"Palestinians blame Israel for the deaths of 22 people in Gaza in recent air strikes, but Israel denies responsibility for the eight among those 22 who died in explosions on a Gaza beach. Incomplete information appeared Monday."



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