Globe & Mail Columnist Tacitly Demands Israel Surrender To Hamas

June 11, 2024

Mairav Zonszein’s June 3 opinion column in The Globe and Mail entitled: “Netanyahu’s hubris in Rafah is being fed by enablers at home and abroad,” is just the latest commentary in the Canadian news media by a supposedly thoughtful analyst on the Hamas-Israel war, but which does nothing more than ask puerile questions and offers no insights or answers.

Zonszein, a senior analyst with the International Crisis Group, lamented the scenes of war in southern Gaza, where Hamas continues to hold Israeli hostages – and its own civilians – hostage as part of its war against the Jewish State.

She wrote that those scenes are “not…much different from the litany of continuing horrors we have witnessed…including the Hamas attack on Israel on Oct 7.”

On a purely superficial level, this is true. Human suffering is a tragedy, no matter who they are.

But if there is ever to be peace, or at the very least a realistic understanding of what is happening in the Middle East, more than just a surface understanding is needed. Unfortunately, Zonszein’s column didn’t provide anything more than simple observations which miss the point entirely.

Hamas’ October 7 massacres weren’t just a singular attack. For those bothering to pay attention, they represented the Islamic terrorist group’s clearest demonstration of their gruesome ideology and practices, along with a promise to do it as many times as necessary until Israel is violently destroyed.

Against that backdrop, what exactly should Israel do? Simply allow Hamas to exist, grow stronger and threaten Israelis, or hope that they simply abandon their Islamist ideology?

Zonszein offered no solutions, but plenty of criticisms, claiming that Israel “is willing and able to operate freely and audaciously in defiance of international outrage, and despite allegations of war crimes,” stating that it has operated with “hubris and impunity.”

If anything in Zonszein’s column can be called analysis or advice, it is that Israel should effectively surrender to Hamas and abandon its counter-terrorism operations in southern Gaza, all because hate mobs in Canada and the Western world, are angry about it.

In fact, Israel does not have the luxury of allowing Hamas to win, but that has not stopped Israel from taking steps far beyond what is required under international law to protect civilians, including putting its own soldiers in harm’s way, actively warning civilians in advance of operations, using precision munitions, and more.

Israel also set aside humanitarian zones to protect civilians, a point which then somehow becomes a problem for Zonszein, who complained that Israel has “displaced nearly a million Palestinians” as a result. What does she see as the alternative? Would she prefer that Israel did not create humanitarian zones, and simply fight Hamas with civilians among them?

The easy answer is no answer at all, just criticisms, as expressed by Zonszein and so many others.

Loudly bellowing about Israel’s counter-terrorism operations against Hamas, even as Jerusalem has done more to protect civilians than any other military in modern history, is hardly thoughtful commentary. Zonszein offered no solutions beyond the tacit suggestion that Israel should simply surrender to a jihadist terrorist organization, all because of fickle “international outrage,” which has been driven by pro-Palestinian media coverage in Canada and worldwide. That’s not a solution, but a recipe for the genocide of the Jewish people.

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