Globe Corrects False Claim that Israel is Building "1,400 New Settlements"

December 30, 2013

On December 28, HonestReporting Canada asked the Globe and Mail to issue a correction notice and amend its online article which falsely asserted that day that Israel is building “1,400 new settlements.”

Contrary to this headline and as the Reuters article itself confirms, new homes are being built solely within the boundaries of existing settlements which Israel expects will remain under any peace agreement with the Palestinians. In the interests of a peace accord, Israel has altogether refrained from building new settlements in the West Bank and from expanding the territory of existing settlements. In the interests of brevity and as the lead of this article confirms, 1,400 new homes are being built within existing settlements, not that 1,400 new settlements are being built.

Here’s how the article appeared on page A11:

Readers should take note note that the article itself states:

“The Israeli government official said about 600 homes would be announced in Ramat Shlomo, a settlement of mainly Ultra-Orthodox Jews located in an area of the West Bank that Israel annexed to Jerusalem in a move unrecognized internationally.

Another 800 would be built in other West Bank settlements which Israel also plans to keep in any future peace deal, though the list was not yet finalized, the official – who spoke on condition of anonymity – said.”

We are pleased to report that the Globe immediately issued the following correction which was published today, December 30, on page A2:


The online headline to this article now correctly states the following:


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